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Why Supersend?

Supersend is a simple tool that makes it easy for iOS and Android developers to send Ad hoc builds, IPA and APK files, via e-mail to testers, friends and clients. Without the need of iTunes. Just upload your app and enter at least one recipient and press send. If you are logged in you can select your team and do this even faster.

A downloadable link to your app will instantly be sent to the recipients. You will have full control over the process and get a confirmation when your recipients have downloaded the app.

Awesome features!

  • Secure over SSL
  • See UDIDs in build
  • See Beta Family users
  • See who has downloaded
  • QR code download
  • or sign up and send to your team

Not enough? Send us a feature request

Supersend is a part of Beta Family - a beta testing service for iOS and Android applications.
It’s a great tool to send builds, but wouldn’t it be nice to collect some user feedback? Create your beta test here